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Security & Compliance

Security & Compliance


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Jarrett Neil Ridlinghafer

Mr. Ridlinghafer has an extensive & extremely diverse background spanning 25 years beginning at Netscape where he helped kick-off the “Internet Revolution” 1994-1999 & for the almost 20 years since Netscape, as an Entrepreneur, Inventor, Hands-On Executive & Generalist Specializing in Data-Center & Cloud Infrastructures with a focus on HPC, Security & Emerging Tech.

With over 20 Data-Center & Cloud Infrastructures built, Jarrett is also the successful inventor/creator of the original “Bugs Bounty” & “Netscape Champions” Programs in 95, 1st Retail Plug-n-Play Firewall Router offered funding by KPCB in 2000, 1st AI Automated Email Response System 97, 1st SSL Security Certificate Tests with the NSA & Verisign in 96 are just a few of his many accomplishments to date. Passionate about People & leaving the world a better place, Jarrett's new stealth-mode startup "Synapse Synergy Group" will stress “People over Politics, Love over Money & Bridges over Walls”. To do so they're creating what is truly a uniquely transformative culture.

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