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Introduction to PROC SQL Using SAS

Introduction to PROC SQL Using SAS


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Kirk Paul Lafler

Kirk Paul Lafler


Kirk Paul Lafler is the founder of Software Intelligence Corporation and is currently the Director of Technologies. Kirk has been programming in SAS since 1979 and is a SAS Certified Professional with nearly 40 years of programming experience, IT support, application development, project management, consulting services, and instructor-led and hands-on training to SAS users around the world. As the author of six books including Google Search Complete! (Odyssey Press. 2014), PROC SQL: Beyond the Basics Using SAS, Second Edition (SAS Institute. 2013) and PROC SQL: Beyond the Basics Using SAS (SAS Institute. 2004), Kirk has written hundreds of papers and articles; been an Invited speaker and trainer at hundreds of SAS International, regional, special-interest, local, and in-house user group conferences and meetings; and is the recipient of 23 “Best” contributed paper, HOW, and poster awards. Kirk's popular SAS Tips column, “Kirk’s Korner of Quick and Simple Tips”, appears regularly in several SAS User Group newsletters and websites.

Specialties: SAS Consulting; SAS Education; SAS Author; SAS Software including DATA step programming; PROC SQL programming techniques; Hash memory-resident programming techniques using SAS; SAS ODS and ODS Statistical Graphics; SAS Macro design, development and debugging; Data Analysis; Data Base Administration and Performance Tuning; SAS Metadata application programming techniques; Data Access and Extraction; Data Cleaning and Validation; Data Conversions; Data File Manipulations; Voice Recognition; Systems Analysis and Design; Systems Development and Testing; Project Management.

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