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Healthcare Technology Innovation

Healthcare Technology Innovation


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Donizetti Louro


Don is a senior advisor with more than 25 years experience Planning, Design & Delivering scalable Digital Cognitive Solutions, Decision Science, Business Mediation, High Performance Intelligence Services (People, Process,Technology). 

Professor [part time] at Federal University of São Paulo, as well as to Laureate International Universities - UAM. Associate Researcher at Center for Technological Innovation in Health and Life Sciences (CITÉ). Mathematician [BS, BSc, MBA, MSc, PhD].

Distinctions: Mentor at IBM SmartCamp Brasil; Executive Member of the Jury of Inova Saúde - MedTech Area and Hospital for Health Award / FIESP; Executive Commitee Member of National Congress of Innovation in Materials and Equipments of Medicine & Dental – ABIMO; Director at International Higher Education Association; Society of Healthcare Simulation; International Society for Human Intelligence Research; Chairman at ISIGHS International Society of Intelligence, Games & Simulators.

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