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Creating a Secure Enterprise Data Architecture

Creating a Secure Enterprise Data Architecture


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Bob Leithiser

Bob Leithiser

Robert Leithiser, Ph.D. (“Dr. Bob”) has nearly 35 years of experience with IT systems heavily focused on areas of application development and databases. A Microsoft Certified Master (MCM), CISSP, MCT, MCITP, MCSD .NET, MCSE and MCAD, Robert has worked for nearly 13 years at Microsoft Corporation, employed as a principal consultant for the public sector with most of that time focused on The Department of Defense. In that role, he achieved the ISC2 CISSP certification and was instrumental in the architecture and development of systems that operated on secure networks.

Recently he has provided data security assessments for major healthcare providers and developed a comprehensive Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) framework that provides automated identification of sensitive data with end-to-end auditing that meets the most rigorous HIPAA regulations associated with member healthcare access auditing.

Robert is highly focused on applications of artificial intelligence including machine learning with predictive analytics for contextual data security, which encompasses collecting and analyzing data access patterns across the entire data lifecycle. His data security research interests include not only automating the identification of anomalies associated with data theft but also the generation of preventative mechanisms at the database, file-system, network and application levels. For more information about Bob, visit his linked in page at or visit his blog at

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