The ConverseLink Team

We are a passionate team of intellectually curious professionals from a broad range of industries, dedicated to fostering a collaborative learning and consulting ecosystem for the modern tech professional. We are united by a core belief that everyone deserves an opportunity to acquire the essential skills and opportunities required to succeed in today's rapidly evolving digital economy.


David Sigetich, Director of Digital Learning


Kathleen Kennedy, Instructional Design Consultant


Marc Stoecker, Instructional Design Consultant

Satinder Chera,   Director of Business and Partner Development 

Denis Eralp, Account Manager (North America)

Chris Quail, Account Manager (Europe & South America)


Olamide Adeola,  Account Manager (West Africa)

Jaikishan Hardyal, Tech Events Manager


Dr. Oladipo Omotosho, Account Manager (West Africa)



Sampson Chan, VP Finance


Eugenia Gritziotis, Executive Learning Strategist

Denis Nwanshi, Head of Digital Innovation