Business Transformation Conference (Toronto, Q3 2017): Pre-register Now

Join us in the heart of Toronto to learn from a high caliber line-up of business and technology visionaries, and start transforming your organization into a thriving, future-proof digital ecosystem.


What you can expect

Using Technology to Advance Digital Transformation and Education...

The Toronto Tech Live Conference aims to assist business executives, technology strategists and dynamic entrepreneurs embrace digital technologies to scale and reinforce the business models they know, while addressing the very real disruption threats and risks they may not be aware of. The only way to validate your risk exposure is to engage with inside experts from a cross-section of business, technology, research and academia.

Hosted by e-learning technology educators ConverseLink, the conference will feature a full-day of breakout sessions, networking lunch and interactive panel discussions in collaboration with the giants driving of technology innovation. From AI, big data, cyber security, architecture, to technology risk-management, digital marketing, this is set to be a must-attend premium event.


World class players

In addition to engaging executives from the Canadian private and public sector, the ConverseLink team is currently in discussions with a broad range of partners and sponsors to ensure the event provides thought leadership, fosters innovation and show cases new technology-driven solutions and disruptive business models from a variety of perspectives - our prospective partners include:

  • a selection of global technology vendors
  • a leading Canadian business school
  • a big six Canadian bank
  • a leading Canadian insurance company
  • a big 4 management consultancy
  • representatives from the ConverseLink instructor panel


Proposed Themes

Attendees will experience a rich blend of business and technology tracks designed to help you:

  • Discover new cutting edge business strategies for driving revenue and growth
  • Assess your corporate goals through the lens of next generation digital models
  • Create new business opportunities by implementing predictive analytics models
  • Grow market share by implementing the right digital marketing strategies
  • Understand the risks posed by gaps in cyber security architectures
  • How to address the new cyber security threats 
  • Foster a dynamic knowledge-driven environment that nurtures internal talent 
  • Adopt agile project delivery methodologies and accelerate product speed to market
  • Discover new ways to monetize legacy systems while improving operational efficiency
  • Create an enterprise architecture that seamlessly adapts to changing regulations 
  • Discover real world practical applications of next-generation technologies:
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Enterprise Mobililty
    • Retail Architecture Patterns
    • Blockchain
    • Ultra-High-Speed Data Processing
    • Graph Databases
    • Big Data / Analytics
    • Cloud Computing
    • Software Defined Networks
    • VoIP
    • Virtualization
    • API Economy
    • Microservices
    • Internet of Things
    • Business Productivity
    • 3D Printing
    • Hyperconverged and Hyperscale data center architectures

Pre-register below and we'll be in contact (note this is no way a formal commitment, simply an opportunity to register your organization`s interest).

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