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Dear friends,
Greetings from the ConverseLink team. We hope you have had a wonderful summer season wherever you are.
I've shortened the quarterly newsletter and hope it makes for easier reading. Please read through this newsletter as there are some exciting developments you should be aware of.
Online Course Q4 Promotion
As we approach the most popular time of year for IT career moves, the ConverseLink team is gearing up for a major marketing/sales campaign for published online courses. This effort will see increased use of our affiliate program, targeted postings on professional and social network platforms, as well as some key business development initiatives and negotiations that are currently underway with prospective corporate clients.
For Instructors that are yet to publish their course content, please note that your course is an integral part of our concerted launch effort, and that it is harder for us to negotiate with our prospective corporate clients without completed course content. 
To help accelerate your course development, we shall therefore be reaching out to you to determine your timelines and how we can assist.
Revenue Generation Scenario
With the current downward trend in the price of online courses, it is ever important to differentiate our value proposition to prospective customers around the world as studies continue to show there is .
Microsoft OfficeMix is a free Powerpoint plug-in that helps you create richer, highly interactive course content at no extra cost - download from here:
Free, simple Microsoft tool for creating interactive video course content
Microsoft OfficeMix is a free Powerpoint plug-in that helps you create richer, highly interactive course content at no extra cost - download from here:
Our Principles: raising the bar for quality IT training
The ConverseLink team is making solid progress in our efforts to create new opportunities to promote your courses to corporations, institutions of higher learning, government agencies around the world. As you will recall, our goal is not to compete with the "high volume instructor" e-learning vendor models but to set a high standard for IT education reflects the rapidly changing needs of today's dynamic business environment.
To help us maintain these high standards, and ensure your online course gains a high rating from future learners, please incorporate the six key tenets below when creating your course content: 
1. Incorporate at least one case study to enhance practical skills
2. Ensure your course is results driven by adding exams, assignments, quizzes, and where feasible, a professional certification path
3. Ask yourself is the course material relevant to today's business and technology environment
4. Apply a structured, methodical approach that ensures the course is easy apply in the work place
5. Drive creativity by engaging learners by incorporating rich interaction tools such as Powerpoint Offix Mix 
6. Create a continuous skills assessment & learning experience by considering new course versions in line with industry trends and international standards 
More information can be found in the ConverseLink Course Creation Guide here
ConverseLink Discovery Workshops 
The ConverseLink team is proud to be working with Richard Boire to create our first Executive Workshop at Ivey business School. This is proving to be a true learning opportunity and intense market research exercise for the team, and we are striving to make improvements to our delivery model all the time. Whatever city you are located in, instructors interested in delivering executive workshops are encouraged to filling in this brief form for an initial assessment:

Instructor on-boarding
If you have not yet created your instructor login account and wish to do so, please click the link below to register so you can start creating your course:
  • In naming your course, choose a title that reflects its unique value and characteristics (e.g. incorporate the case study or the solution you are solving for a given vertical sector) 
Many Thanks
The ConverseLink team