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Managing Technology Projects


"To achieve effective project management, there’s no substitute for tested practices."

 (McKinsey & Company: Delivering large-scale IT projects on time, on budget, and on value)



This course provides a quality-focused, easy to apply overview of the modern practice of  project management. Project managers, team member and managers who use projects to deliver change will follow the project life cycle with readings, case studies and learning exercises that introduce the processes and best practices of the project management discipline. On completion of this course, participants will understand what a project is, the role of the project manager and the processes that make up the project life cycle. They will also gain practice with essential tools and techniques that can make an immediate impact on project success.


On completion of this course, participants will understand the processes that make up the project life cycle and the role of the project manager in achieving project success. They will apply essential planning and analysis techniques in developing a project plan.




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Skill Level: Basic to Experienced
No. of PMI PDUs: 8
No. of Modules:       12 (see below)
Primary Format: Video
Length: 8 hours
Expires: 3 months after enrollment
Language:       English
Version: 1.0


Course Contents:

1.0  What is a Project?
1.1  What is Project Management?
1.2  Role of the Project Manager

Unit 01 - Test Yourself

2.1  Defining the Project
2.2  Project Initiation

Unit 02 - Test Yourself

3.1  PM Process Groups
3.2  Scope Management
3.3  Work Breakdown Structure
3.4  Creating a WBS as a Mind Map

Unit 03 - Test Yourself

4.1  Human Resource Management
4.2  Project Communications

Unit 04 - Test Yourself

5.1  Activity List
5.2  Milestones
5.3  Network Diagram
5.4  Estimating Time and Effort

Unit 05 - Test Yourself

6.1  Critical Path Analysis
6.2  Schedule Compression
6.3  Critical Chain Analysis

Unit 06 - Test Yourself

7.1  Quality - The Fourth Constant
7.2  Planning and Quality Assurance
7.3  Quality Control

Unit 07 - Test Yourself

8.1  Project Risk Management
8.2  Risk Identification and Analysis
8.3  Risk Management Plan

Unit 08 - Test Yourself

9.1  Cost Management
9.2  Earned Value Reporting

Unit 09 - Test Yourself

10.1  Procurement
10.2  Make or Buy?
10.3  Contracts
10.4  Solicitation and Contract Administration

Unit 10 - Test Yourself

11.1  Project Execution
11.2  Monitoring and Control
11.3  Conflict and Problem-Solving
11.4  Managing Changes

Unit 11 - Test Yourself

12   Project Closeout

Unit 12 - Test Yourself




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