Invitation to join our Instructor Panel

What differentiates ConverseLink?

We conduct rigorous market research through a variety of channels to understand how the rapid pace of technological disruption impacts traditional business value chains, both at the sector and organizational level. We then curate high-impact learning experiences targeting the pain points identified by forward-thinking business and government leaders.


Improving digital training outcomes

Using our research and vast international networks, the ConverseLink team uses a 2-pronged approach to address the market needs:

  • Establish relationships with dynamic businesses, government agencies, business schools, universities and educational charities to build consensus on how we can help them close the digital skills gap.
  • Partner with technology leaders, adjunct professors, and award winning innovators with real-world industry experience to create a portfolio of interactive, high-impact virtual instructor-led courses that resonate with our clients.


A special invitation

After assessing your achievements and contribution to the advancement of technology, the ConverseLink team is pleased to invite you to join our elite instructor panel and create a Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) course in your area of expertise.



Here's a sample of our exclusive Instructor Panel


Value Proposition for Instructors

The digital skills gap is a significant problem impacting both advanced and emerging knowledge-driven economies. In addition to helping us close the global digital skills gap, there are several other reasons why you might want to consider becoming a ConverseLink Course Instructor:

  • Create your VILT course in your own time
  • No need to give up your current job (this ia a part-time undertaking)
  • Receive free professional guidance on instructional design from our  Digital Learning team
  • Deliver your virtual training program to professionals, executives and undergraduatess from the comfort of your office or home, and at a time and schedule that suits you
  • A VILT course facilitator will be available to support you at each VILT training session
  • Our business value methodology is simple to follow and maximizes knowledge retention for learners
  • Help businesses and higher education institutions improve key tech skills, while enhancing your personal brand internationally
  • Earn a healthy income stream through truly rewarding part-time work
  • Join a world-class community of experts dedicated to high quality training and education


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