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Meet our elite instructors

ConverseLink is working with a distinguished panel of course Instructors from all corners of the globe to create cutting-edge, experiential learning experiences aimed at helping to address the digital skills gap. Here's a sample.

Allan Espinosa, Ph.D.

Allan Espinosa

Course: Introduction to DevOps: from basic tools to practice (under development)

Ph.D and MSc holder Allan Espinosa is a DevOps practitioner living in Tokyo. He is an active open source contributor to various distributed systems tools, such as Docker and Chef. Allan maintains several Docker images for popular open source software that were popular even before their official release from the upstream open source groups.

In his career, Allan has worked on large distributed systems containing hundreds to thousands of servers in production. He has built scalable applications on various platforms ranging from large supercomputing centers in the U.S. to production enterprise systems in Japan. Certified Jenkins Engineer and AWS Certified Solutions Architect.

Dr. Christine Satchell, Ph.D.

Christine Satchell PhD

Course: Creating a calm computing future (under development)

Christine is the co-founder and director of the mobile phone startup Swarm Systems. She has worked extensively in the hybrid industry/academic space including projects for Sony Computer Science Labs in Paris, Nokia Research Labs in Norway, Novell, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (privacy division), and XBox in Melbourne. In 2013 the Australian Government selected Christine’s project ‘Mobile Phones for Personal Safety After Dark’ as the work that best exemplified Australian research.

The Acting Prime Minister presented her with a prestigious three year Discovery Research Grant to found the 'HCI After Dark'​ project which develops new technology for personal safety in the city. Christine has 87 peer reviewed publications (cited by 487) in the most intentionally respected and competitive conferences and journals - CHI, CSCW, SIGGRAPH, JIS, and Ubicomp. She is also the co-editor of the book, 'From Social Butterfly to Urban Citizen: The Evolution of the Mobile Phone User', published by MIT Press. She is on the Technical Program Committee as an Associate Chair of Design for CHI 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015.

Richard Halter

Richard Halter

Course: Retail Architecture using ARTS (under development)

1995 - created 1st integrated internet credit card authorization application

1999 - joined ARTS

1999 - present - involved in creating all ARTS standards; Retail technology reports, data model, XML schemas, UnifiedPOS Devices, RFP/ITT's, Business Process Model, best practices papers and a variety of architecture drawings. 2016 - taught ARTS standards in 5 continents to companies representing over 100,000 stores. Microsoft Certified Developer in MFC.

Click here for Richard's blog:

 Pierre-jean Cherret, MBA, MSc

Course: Energy Innovation using IOT & Analytics (under development)

Pierre-jean (MBA, MSc) will draw on Internet of Things, Analytics and Agile Project Management to create a course aimed at integrating different technological parts on a highly flexible platform for the citizens of tomorrow. Certified in PMI, TOEIC (900).  

Aaron Henry, Ph.D

Course: Artificial Intelligence and new business practices (under development)

A PhD holder with professional experience in strategic foresight analysis, Aaron draws on his nine years’ research experience in social theory and political economy to create strategic insights firms and individuals can use to increase their resiliency and capitalize on emerging technologies. His research is currently focused on the business applications of and Artificial intelligence, Blockchain and peer-to-peer lending, and how businesses can successfully engage in the growing sharing economy. Aaron is the author of several peer-reviewed articles, a research professor at the Institute of Political Economy, and has experience generating insights on emerging technologies and business practices for senior executives in the Canadian public service.

Dr. Shiyghan Emmanuel Navti, Ph.D.

Dr. Shiyghan brings a wealth of experience as a visionary and hands-on cloud technology leader, with real-world experience advising large enterprises and startups, including the architecture design, implementation and rollout of over 100 "cloud related" projects. An accomplished author of a Professional Cloud Administrator Certification, and a Certified Cloud Trainer and Architect, he has published close to 100 video podcasts on cloud computing implementation best practices, and as Founder and CTO of a FinTech startup, designed and implemented alternative currency based mobile payment solutions on multiple cloud platforms using in-demand technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes.

As the Geographic Expansion Strategy and Marketing lead for IBM, he worked with consultants from McKinsey on a 12 month project sponsored by the IBM CEO to develop and implement IBM's Africa strategy. He subsequently developed competitive sales strategies for the IBM UK sales organization, and implemented and led technical sales proof-of-concept engagements for Private Cloud.

A passionate Technology Entrepreneur and Educator at heart, with 3 years experience as co-Founder and CTO of a mobile payments technology startup, he joined Vodafone as the Head of the Cloud Advisory Group in 2016, and built the team from scratch. He has led initiatives to explore innovation partnerships enabled by technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes, Serverless, and IoT.

Natasha Kordonska

Natasha Kordonska

Course: Business Analysis Simplified

Professor of Business Analysis at University of Toronto and George Brown College (part-time), and a Senior Manager of Business Analysis at a major Canadian bank. Natasha holds a M.A.Sc and has created and led a business analysis practice management team, pioneered centers of excellence and communities of practice, worked as a consulting business analyst and has been a requirements consultant on hundreds of projects. She has multiple years of experience in formal and informal training, coaching and mentoring business analysts including developing and delivering IIBA certified internal requirements training programs.

A CBAP member since 2008, Natasha has been a champion of the Business Analyst profession by regularly presenting at the IIBA Toronto chapter and Project Management Business Analysis World Toronto, and Building Business Capability conferences.

Bill Neaves, M.Sc., M.Eng.

Bill Neaves









Course: Managing Technology Projects


Certified in M.Sc., M.Eng., PMP, CBAP and a ITIL Practitioner, projects have been the center of my professional life for over 30 years. Most of the time I have found myself in roles that bridge the divide between business users and solution builders. I have been fortunate enough to work with both small and large IT solutions.

Project achievements include:

  • Business process solution to manage Sales, Production and Inventory Management information for consumer products
  • Knowledge base to support public sector call center operations
  • Software solution to manage collections in six museums
  • Selection of ERP system for major equipment manufacturer
  • Project management information systems for city and also for a major Canadian insurance company
  • Project Management training course for School of Information Technology at major College
  • Electronic document management and imaging solution for a major Canadian insurance company 

Virginia Araujo, Ph.D.

Virginia Araujo

Course: IT Service Management using ITIL (under development)

With a PhD in Software Engineering, a Degree in Mathematics and Computer Science, several Professional Certifications and more than 20 years of professional experience in Technologies and Information Systems, Virginia Araujo has the highest international qualifications. Specialized in IT Governance, IT Service Management, Project Management, and today she works with recognized international market leaders in these areas.

Author of several articles published in specialized journals, a speaker at international congresses and is also a University Professor. As an Accredited Trainer by different International Examination Institutes such as APMG, PEOPLECERT and CSME, she has trained and certified hundreds of professionals in different countries. As a Consultant and Manager, she has managed large-scale projects in the public and private sectors, adopting and adapting the internationally recognized management best practices such as ITIL2011, COBIT5, ISO/IEC20000, ISI/IEC27001, PMBOK, PRINCE2, RESILIA, and BIG DATA.

Sean Huang, Ph.D.

Shen (Sean) Huang

Course: Efficient collection of online user behavior information


Big Data Architect Sean has conducted cutting-edge industry research for Microsoft Research Asia, eBay Research Lab and Search Science for over 8 years, focusing on data mining, machine learning and information retrieval. His research background includes participating in building online search and recommendation systems for two Chinese e-commerce sites over a 4 year period, achieving significant practical experience in productizing applied research.

A Ph.D in Computer Science, machine learning and big data mining expert, Sean has commercialized over 10 algorithms, published 20 academic publications with 97 independent citations around the world, and filed 13 patents with 4 issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. He has achieved numerous awards from industry leading companies, international conferences and other prestigious institutions, and has been invited to deliver expert reviews for Computer Engineering Journals (Chinese).

A USA EB1A (Alien of Extraordinary Ability) holder since 2015, Sean is a Microsoft Scholar and IBM Extreme Blue member. He is highly proficient in Solr/Lucene, Text Categorization/Clustering, Linear Regression, HBase, Java, Maven, Spring and knowleageable in Elasticsearch, MapReduce, Hive, Mahout, Spark, Kafka, C++, R, C#. Results-oriented and with strong communication skills, Sean plans to bring a wealth of technical intellectual capital and collaborative spirit to the ConverseLink ecosystem.

Richard Boire, MBA

Course: Data Mining for Business: How to Use Data (Big and Small) to Solve Business Challenges
Richard's experience in database marketing and predictive analytics dates back to 1983, when he received an MBA from Concordia University in Finance and Statistics. His initial experience at organizations such as Reader’s Digest and American Express allowed him to become a pioneer in the application of predictive modelling technology for all direct marketing programs. This extended to the introduction of models which targeted the acquisition of new customers based on return on investment.
Richard is a recognized authority on predictive analytics and is among a very few, select top 5 experts in this field in Canada, with expertise and knowledge that is difficult, if not impossible to replicate in Canada. This expertise has evolved into international speaking assignments and workshop seminars in the U.S. , England, Eastern Europe, and Southeast Asia.
He has co-authored white papers on the following topics: ‘Best Practices in Data Mining’ as well as ‘Customer Profitability: The State of Evolution among Canadian Companies’. In Oct. of 2014, his new book on “Data Mining for Managers - How to use Data (Big and Small) to Solve Business Problems” was published by Palgrave Macmillian.

Sharon Herrnstein, MBA

Course: Modern Digital Marketing - your competitive advantage


Sharon Herrnstein, BA, MBA is a certified Digital Marketing Consultant with the digital marketing leader WSI. She is a consistent and results-driven social media trainer with more than 20 years history of demonstrated success in finding business solutions for her clients. With a long history of B2B and B2C experience, she also has a BA from University of Toronto and MBA from Heriot-Watt University, with a focus on international business. She uses her professional background to help Fortune 500 companies, schools and non-profits poised for growth use social media to their advantage.

Sharon plays an instrumental role in helping businesses of all sizes discover how to outperform their competitors with digital marketing and social selling strategies. She empowers professionals to achieve their business objectives with LinkedIn, Twitter and other relevant social media and creates an environment that supports any brand’s social media adoption goals. She is also one of the founders of Here she helps sales professionals of all industries, sectors and backgrounds understand how to find opportunities in the online world and speaks about generating leads and nurturing prospects down the lead conversion funnel.

A strong advocate of education, she believes in the power of knowledge to promote change. Hubspot Inbound Certified.

Parviz Yegani, Ph.D.

Parviz Yegani, Ph.D.

Course: Network Architecture (under development)

A Ph.D holder and Vice President of Architecture at Juniper Networks, Dr. Parviz Yegani has 20+ years of experience in telecom and networking industries working at IBM, QUALCOMM, ERICSSON and CISCO. At CISCO for about 9 years, he was the lead architect for the next generation networks where he helped set the Cisco strategic direction and the broadband networks vision. Parviz has a track record of innovation and invention (50+ patents), thrives on creativity and challenge. He’s a visionary who loves technology and is highly recognized for his pioneering work on “Mobile Internet”. As a technology evangelist he delivers talks in major business settings to promote new technologies in the industry via international organizations and forums such as IEEE, IETF, 3GPP, BBF, NGMN Alliance, and ATIS.

He is currently focused on driving Juniper Networks engineering design and system architecture to enable Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV). He is also leading a parallel effort to ensure Juniper business strategy and product vision is closely aligned with industry standards including the ETSI ISG NFV architectural framework plus the Open Platform for NFV (OPNFV), an open source project hosted by Linux Foundation. Juniper is a Platinum founding member of OPNFV where Dr. Yegani serves as a member of both the Board of Directors and Technical Steering Committee (TSC).

He is an expert in IP networking protocols and architectures (All-IP, 3G/4G), network functions virtualization and software defined networking (NFV/SDN). He has deep understanding of Service Providers' networks and keeps himself always plugged-in by constantly interfacing with customers, ecosystem partners and major industry players. He drives architecture thought leadership and leads Juniper's NFV/SDN vision in many different fronts. Serves in leadership roles at various capacities promoting NFV/SDN architecture in ETSI NFV ISG, OPNFV, IETF, BBF and other industry fora.

Sandra Kopecky

Sandra Kopecky

Course: Database Management Systems (under development)

Sandra is a Professor at New York Institute of Technology where she teaches database courses. In addition to her extensive practical experience implementing large scale database solutions for a variety of organizations, Sandra is currently working on a PhD in Computer Science at Pace University.

Dr. Christos Hadjinikolis, Ph.D.

Courses: MATLAB, Numeric Computation (under development)

Christos Ph.D, has been teaching MATLAB for the past 4 years at David Game College in the UK, and recently secured a Data Scientist position in the industry. A data science researcher with a passion for problem-solving, and with a proven academic record in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

He is experienced in MATLAB, PYTHON, SCALA and JAVA, Apache Spark and Neo4j, and has hands-on experience in handling and statistically analyzing large data sets, with a specialty in algorithm design for Monte-Carlo simulations applied on graphs. 

Bob Leithiser, Ph.D.

Bob Leithiser

Course: Creating a Secure Enterprise Data Architecture (under development)

Robert Leithiser, Ph.D. (“Dr. Bob”) has nearly 35 years of experience with IT systems heavily focused on areas of application development and databases. A Microsoft Certified Master (MCM), CISSP, MCT, MCITP, MCSD .NET, MCSE and MCAD, Robert has worked for nearly 13 years at Microsoft Corporation, employed as a principal consultant for the public sector with most of that time focused on The Department of Defense. In that role, he achieved the ISC2 CISSP certification and was instrumental in the architecture and development of systems that operated on secure networks.

Recently he has provided data security assessments for major healthcare providers and developed a comprehensive Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) framework that provides automated identification of sensitive data with end-to-end auditing that meets the most rigorous HIPAA regulations associated with member healthcare access auditing.

Robert is highly focused on applications of artificial intelligence including machine learning with predictive analytics for contextual data security, which encompasses collecting and analyzing data access patterns across the entire data lifecycle. His data security research interests include not only automating the identification of anomalies associated with data theft but also the generation of preventative mechanisms at the database, file-system, network and application levels. For more information about Bob, visit his linked in page at or visit his blog at



Bruce Spencer

Course: Predictive Analytics for efficient Energy Consumption (under development)

I am semi-retired, a former full professor and currently an adjunct professor of Computer Science at the University of New Brunswick. My interests include automated reasoning, service-oriented computing, machine learning, and predictive analytics. I also served as a senior research officer and project leader for seven major projects at the National Research Council of Canada with clients including small and large companies and partnerships with other government labs and universities. I have over 75 peer reviewed publications, taught 50 university courses and supervised 22 graduate students including five PhD's.

Sara Hosseini

Sara Hosseini

Course: Quantum Information (under development)

I completed my BSc in physics in 2003 and MSc in physics in 2009 in Iran. In 2012 I started the PhD program in Quantum Information (Quantum Optics) at the Australian National University. I submitted my PhD thesis on 4th of February 2016.

Emad Omar Sarhan

Emad Omar Sarhan

Courses: Business Process Management (under development)

Ph.D holder and Information Management Consultant specializing in information, electronic content, e-learning and web technologies. Experience spans over 23 years. MIS, PMP, CIP, TOGAF 9 Certified.

Maria Raso

Maria Raso

Course: Agile by definition and in practice (under development)

Freelance Web Developer with extensive international experience delivering solutions for large organizations using Agile.

Donizetti Louro


Course: Healthcare Technology Innovation (under development)

Don is a senior advisor with more than 25 years experience Planning, Design & Delivering scalable Digital Cognitive Solutions, Decision Science, Business Mediation, High Performance Intelligence Services (People, Process,Technology). Professor [part time] at Federal University of São Paulo, as well as to Laureate International Universities - UAM. Associate Researcher at Center for Technological Innovation in Health and Life Sciences (CITÉ). Mathematician [BS, BSc, MBA, MSc, PhD].

Distinctions: Mentor at IBM SmartCamp Brasil; Executive Member of the Jury of Inova Saúde - MedTech Area and Hospital for Health Award / FIESP; Executive Commitee Member of National Congress of Innovation in Materials and Equipments of Medicine & Dental – ABIMO; Director at International Higher Education Association; Society of Healthcare Simulation; International Society for Human Intelligence Research; Chairman at ISIGHS International Society of Intelligence, Games & Simulators.

Dr. Nasrullah Khilji

Dr Nasrullah Khilji

Courses: Knowledge management, Project Management, ICTs' Business Application and Strategies (under development)

A graduate of the universities of Cardiff, Thames Valley and Baluchistan and a Ph.D by research from the School of Computing and Technology, University of West London. Extensive knowledge in project management, business innovation and information technology. Certified in APS, CMI, CIPD.

Akar Şümşet

Akar Sumset

Courses: UX Design, Product Development, Gamification Workshop(under development))

Akar Sumset (MSc.) is a Math Engineer and has a masters degree in communication and persuasion strategies. After a couple of commercial ventures he worked as a project manager and a scrum master on large enterprise projects. He has since moved onto a role as the head of product development. Certifications include Computing for Data Analysis, Lean UX: Faster, Better User Experience Design and Gamification.

Alicia Roisman Ismach

Alicia Roisman Ismach

Course: Technology Startup Bootcamp (under development)

Serial entrepreneur and startups mentor, former director of the Founder Institute in Israel, owner Startup Cafe, founder and VP BD Seergate, former board member at AICC Southest. Over 15 years of executive experience, leading technology innovation and inspiring entrepreneurs.

Roman Nedzelsky, Ph.D

Courses: SharePoint Server, Project Server, Office 365 (under development)

A true technologist, currently working as a Principal Architect & Head of MS Department. Specialization in Microsoft platform implementations and integration (mainly SharePoint and Office365/Azure Solutions) with a focus on process modeling and methodology. Roman's certifications include Microsoft MVP (Azure), MCSE, MCSA, MCP, MCITP, PMI CAPM, VMWARE VCA, SCM (ScrumMaster).

Steve Sugden 

Steve Sugden

Courses: Spreadsheet Techniques for Teaching Mathematics (under development)

Steve Sugden is Adjunct Associate Professor at Bond University, previously Lecturer in Mathematics at Queensland University of Technology and Associate Professor (Mathematics & Computation) at Bond University. He earned his PhD in Operations Research (nonlinear integer programming) from Bond in 1992, working under the supervision of Professor Bruce Murtagh, creator of the AESOP and MINOS optimization packages, maintained at Stanford University.

His scientific career has been somewhat broad, with significant periods in industry, working in areas as diverse as solar energy, technical engineering software for various Queensland electricity authorities, and cryptographic software engineering. In recent years, he has been active in consulting work and has developed several mathematical models relating to aspects of Keno. His present research interests centre on the use of technology in mathematics education, especially modern spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft’s Excel. In 2002, he established the open access electronic journal Spreadsheets in Education, hosted at Bond University.

This journal publishes fully peer-reviewed articles plus classroom resources for teachers. In 2009 he was awarded a federal ALTC Citation for Teaching Excellence.



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