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Whether you are a business, higher education institution, government agency or a professional training organization, ConverseLink Enterprise offers state of the art E-Learning solutions and customizable technical services designed to help you deliver first class learning experiences to your target audience....on any device, securely, 24x7!


1. Branded E-Learning Portal - Standard Features

The ConverseLink team builds industry-leading E-Learning Portal tailored to your organization's specific training needs. Standard features delivered with the portal include:

1.1 Support for a variety of course file formats

The portal will support SCORM and Tin Can course content produced in all the major authoring tools including Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, iSpringPro and Elucidat to name but a few. Supported course files formats include:

    SCORM 1.2


    Tin Can









    1.2 Mobile Learning 
    Learners in your organization can study on any device without sacrificing visual or functional quality. Furthermore, the E-Learning Portal user interface used by your instructors, course administrators and learners is a responsive application that looks as good on mobile, and tablet devices, as it does on laptop or desktop.

    1.3 Multiple Languages

    Your E-Learning Portal can support one of the 12 languages below, helping you meet the diverse needs of learners, course instructors and administrators across your organization:

        US English

        Brazilian Portuguese

        UK English











        1.4 Create your own online Exams, Assignments and Quizzes

        Our extensive exam functionality includes question/answer randomization, multiple question types, timed exams, answer feedback, max attempt options, reusable question banks and much more.  Exam results can be presented to the learner on screen so they can find out if they have passed or failed, identify the correct answers, or get answer feedback.

        1.5 Create your own Certificates

        You can import and customize your own organization's certificates which can be linked to courses and learning paths. Learners who successfully complete a certified course will automatically be awarded their certificate which they can print, download or save (also see LinkedIn integration service option below that allows your Learners to display and share certificates on their LinkedIn profile)

        1.6 Blended training

        Create a fully blended learning experience using the ILT (Instructor-Led Training) functionality which allows you to schedule single and multi-session events. You can setup your locations, assign instructors, set capacity, mark attendance, and print rosters etc.

         Need strategic advice on delivering highly engaging, interactive course content to your target audience? Contact our first class instructional design consultants here 


        1.7 Reports

        A wide range of pre-configured reports that can be easily exported to Excel or PDF, and used to populate admin dashboard graphs and charts as required. You can filter your reports by date ranges, groups, course status and even custom data fields. Reports can also be scheduled to run automatically on a daily, weekly or monthly basis for circulation to you and your colleagues. Available reports include:

        • course status
        • training history
        • credit
        • exam
        • survey
        • sales reports

        1.8 Service Levels

        Our portal exceed industry standards for most enterprise e-learning platforms:

              • 99.99% service up time
              • Highly scalable (200,000+ users on a single portal not uncommon)
              • High performance course data streaming


          2. Branded E-Learning Portal - Optional Services

          2.1 Bulk Upload Users / Courses

          Whatever the size, the ConverseLink team can bulk upload your Learner/Instructor user accounts and Course Content into the E-Learning Portal. We can also enroll Learners into the target courses and implement a group based model that simplifies administration

          2.2 Single Sign-On

          We can use the built in Single Sign-On (SSO) API to provide your learners with seamless secure access to courses at the click of a button. SSO enables users to move directly from an intranet or corporate network to a personal or departmental learning portal without needing to login again.

          2.3 Event Notifications

          We can use the APIs to create automatic notifications for specific events such as completion of a course, submission of an assignment, exam failed etc. 

          2.4 Portal Integrations for Efficiency

          The ConverseLink team can help you integrate a rich selection of enterprise services to simplify the management and administration of users, instructors, course content and processes while ensuring compliance with your internal systems/platforms such as:

          • Google Analytics
          • Salesforce
          • Microsoft Azure Active Directory
          • LinkedIn
          • Twitter
          • Webhooks
          • Learning Record Stores
          For more details on the supported e-learning portal integrations, please click here


          2.5 Purchase courses from our catalog at discount

          We can license our results-driven, case study based course content to your E-Learning Portal at a bulk discount price - watch sample course categories in the video below: 

          Click here to view our full IT course catalog




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