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AI & Blockchain Technology Meetup Group Papers


AI Development Lifecycle and Team Data Science Process (TDSP), Vinnie Saini (Data & AI Solution Architect), ATG Microsoft ML Meetup, May 24, 2018)

Introduction to Classification, Graeme Malcolm (Senior Software Engineer), ATG Microsoft ML Meetup, May 24, 2018)

IBM Watson Data and AI (Yasir Warraich, Watson and Cloud Platform - Tech Sales, Nadine Boucher, Watson and Cloud Platform - Solution Architect, May 3rd 2018)

Data Science Today Amidst Disruptive Technologies (Richard Boire, Senior Vice President, Environics Analytics, May 3rd 2018)


Operationalizing Artificial Intelligence using Azure ML Workbench (Asmita Usturge, Microsoft, November 16th 2017)


Practical Applications for leveraging big data in customer-level analytics (Larry Filler, Senior Vice President Consulting Services, Environics Analytics, November 16th 2017)

Predictive Analytics, ATG Talk (Richard Boire, Feb 18th 2016)

Digital Marketing, ATG Talk (Sharon Herrnstein, March 23rd 2017)


The Internet of Things & Advanced Analytics, ATG Talk (Alex Fernandes, Vincent Hong, Microsoft, March 23rd 2017)

Amazon AI Platform Overview - Machine Learning ATG Talk (Antoine Généreux, AWS, May 19th 2017)

Competitive Analysis - Using Data to direct Digital Strategy, ATG Talk (Sharon Herrnstein, ConverseLink, July 13th 2017)


Machine Learning on SAS Viya + How data scientists need to evolve in AI/Big Data, ATG Talk (Lorne Rothman, SAS, August 10th 2017)

ABT Meetup Blockathon Ideation Deck