Deliver Live Instructor-Led Training to Businesses and Higher Education Institutions

ConverseLink provides cutting-edge solutions to help Instructors deliver important tech training to a target audience. Our innovative Instructor-Led Training solution simplifies the scheduling and management of a remote class over a webinar from the comfort of your home or office. These can either be:

  • Standalone sessions whereby your self-paced online course is simply packaged and sold for learners to access during your live ILT session. This is suitable for Instructors who are already approaching course publication and do not wish to add new ILT components.
  • You combine the ILT with your self-paced online course components such as Documents, Video, SCORM, Assignments, Exams and Surveys; to create a fully blended training course. This is suitable for Instructors who are at the early stages of their course creation and wish to deliver blended training experiences.


Why deliver a live training experience?

  • Enhances the learning experience for the client organization while maximizes use of your online course content 
  • Provides a residual revenue stream for the Instructor
  • You can reach a wider segment of organizations including private and public sector organizations, education and research institutions, charties etc.
  • Gain global marketing exposure and pedigree as a domain expert through ConverseLink's omni-channel marketing and promotion solutions
  • Help learners earn ConverseLink certification and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) hours on completion, as well as any other professional accreditations that may apply


How It Works:

1) Register below

2) Create your course content by following our guidelines HERE 

3) Upload your course file to a your secure google drive folder

4) The ConverseLink Digital Learning instructional design experts will work with you to ensure the course is compliant with our standards and course development principles

5) The ConverseLink team promotes your course to the appropriate businesses and educational prospects via our Live ILT website:

6) Any webinar classes are scheduled with your full participation to ensure it meets your availability

7) You receive 50% of the gross revenue from each seat sold, plus an extra 15% for each learner you bring to your class via the ConverseLink Affiliate Program 


    If you are interested in creating a live Instructor-Led Training class and benefitting from early promotion HERE, please complete the form below.

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