Invitation to deliver an executive workshop

As part of our professional development strategy, ConverseLink Discovery organizes executive workshops in major cities and tech hubs. These workshops provide course instructors with an opportunity to coach business and IT decision leaders as well as professionals in-class and through an (optional) online webinar.



Why you should consider delivering a ConverseLink Discovery Executive Workshop:

  • You can optimize use of your ConverseLink online course material by focusing on solutions, methodologies or cutting edge innovations that create value for senior IT and business leaders
  • The executive workshops provide an excellent opportunity to network and establish your credentials with influential corporate representatives
  • You set the price of your executive workshop
  • There is no financial obligation if you need to cancel (if you are unable to deliver the workshop, simply give us adequate notice so we can reschedule or fill the slot with another instructor workshop)
  • Sales income from each workshop is split 50/50 with you, while ConverseLink covers all costs (including your travel, accommodation, venue rental, staffing and marketing). As illustrated in the compensation scenarios below, the potential financial rewards are quite attractive:

Using this example, the one-day workshop is priced at US $1,000 for class attendees and US $700 for online webinar attendees. With 20 and 15 attendees respectively, the instructor will earn US $15,250.00 for one day's work and all costs covered.

If you are interested in delivering a ConverseLink Executive Workshop, please complete the form below including the following information and we'll get back to you shortly:

1) Executive workshop topic

2) Date range

3) Preferred city