ConverseLink Affiliate Program FAQ

We offer very competitive commission rates for ConverseLink’s premier online course sales.  Affiliates will receive 25% of the sale price of each ConverseLink course purchased under their affiliate link or code. 

Affiliates will have access to a highly intuitive Affiliate Dashboard with their unique affiliate code and referral link.  Sharing on social media is simply a click of a button, with ConverseLink marketing and promotional materials updated by the ConverseLink team on a regular basis.  

1) How much can I earn with ConverseLink?

We offer you 25% commission on the sale price of a course purchased under your affiliate link or affiliate code.  As shown in the compensation scenario below, for an online course priced at $800, you will earn US $10,000 for selling 50 courses.

2) When will I receive my commission and how?

We will pay you on a monthly basis, on the last business day of each calendar month.  We are fully integrated with PayPal so it is our recommended payment method.  Alternatively, we can arrange for another payment method of your choice. 

3) How long does it take to get me setup?

Please sign up today by clicking here and you will be up and running in minutes.

Once setup, you'll have access to the easy-to-navigate menu shown below.

As well as the dashboard:

4) What kind of content will be provided to me?

We will provide you with banners and online course marketing content that you can access right from your dashboard.  Your affiliate code and affiliate link will be on top of the dashboard for easy access.

5) What about social media sharing, is content also provided?

Social media sharing links are a click away with pre-populated content, right on your dashboard.  The contents will be regularly updated by the ConverseLink team as new online courses are released, and you are free to edit the default message as you see fit.

Click below to join and start earning 25% per online course!

6) Still have questions?

Please E-mail us at, we would love to hear from you!