Advanced Diagnostics & Solution Assembly Factory

ConverseLink connects our clients to world-class technology assessment, research and training solutions to create outstanding business value for the most complex organizations.

Designed for the age of disruption when there are both unseen threats and opportunities to corner niche markets, our unique methodology combines people, processes and applications to deliver an unparalleled portfolio of tailored solutions to super-charge your digital transformation journey, reduce cost and future-proof your IT investment decisions.

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1. Discover Problem Areas & New Oppportunities

Through our world-class research allian ces, ConverseLink will gather key information from your organization and create reports that provide comprehensive perspectives that inform the executive decision making process.

This is achieved using powerful analytical engines based on diagnostics that have been benchmarked against thousands of organizations, and designed to systematically align business and IT strategic goals.

IT Diagnostics Report Options:

    1. Close the gap between business & IT
    2. Develop a roadmap for enhancing IT performance
    3. Developing a business strategic vision for CIOs
    4. Aligning CEO and CIO initiatives and priorities
    5. Enhancing management & governance
    6. Assess your application portfolio
    7. Improve project portfolio management
    8. End to end IT security
    9. Increase overall customer satisfaction



    2. Empower Your Team Staff By Infusing Simplilearn's Training Solutions

    ConverseLink has partnered with Simplilearn to augment our virtual instructor-led training and self-paced course portfolio. Designed by globally renowned industry experts and approved by various accreditation bodies such as PMI, Axelos, OMCP, Microsoft and EC-Council, Simplilearn's global recognition is growing in leaps and bounds, with an applied learning curriculm that emphasizes practical projects, simulations and cloud labs, while also increasing content retention through the use of regular knowledge checks, quizzes and assessments.

    The result is that clients achieve higher course completion rates, increased proficiency and a unique ability to apply the new skills on the job immediately following completion of the course.

     The Simplilearn Master Track Includes:

    1. PMP Plus
    2. Digital Project Manager
    3. PMP® Renewal Pack Bundle: Earn 60 PDUs
    4. Big Data Architect
    5. Integrated program in Big Data and Data Science
    6. Data Scientist
    7. Business Analytics Expert
    8. Artificial Intelligence Engineer
    9. Cloud Architect (AWS & Azure)
    10. DevOps Architect
    11. Digital Marketing Specialist
    12. ITIL Lifecycle Expert Program
    13. ITIL Capability Expert Program
    14. IT Service Expert Program
    15. Full Stack Web Developer - MEAN Stack
    16. Software Engineer
    17. Automation Test Engineer
    18. Lean Six Sigma Expert

    3. Automate Business Processes with Faster-AI

    TechVantage is a Product engineering company that specializes in building software powered by Analytics, Machine learning and Artificial intelligence. A winner of the Deloitte India TechFast50 and APAC 500, they are one of the fastest growing technology companies in India (15th) and the region (244), with operations in the US, Germany and Asia.

    Using a selection of powerful reusable frameworks that shorten the project duration, TechVantage's cutting-edge AI based products serve a diversity of industries including Insurance (P&C,  Vehicle, Peer-to-Peer), Farming, Customer Service Chatbot, and Talent Acquisition.

    TechVantage pioneered the concept of an experienced Data Psychologist looking at your data and helps the customer understand how the data could be used to build augmented intelligence or artificial intelligence software.

    They have an exceptional EDA (exploratory Data analysis) capability and are able to process data efficiently prior to building accurate, value-added models that meet the needs identified by the ConverseLink Data-Driven Diagnostic Reports.