Richard Boire to deliver Executive Workshop on Thought leadership in Data Science

ConverseLink is pleased to announce that Instructor and recognized authority on Predictive Analytics Richard Boire will be delivering an executive workshop on Thought leadership in Data Science in downtown Toronto on November 22nd 2016 (in class and live webinar).

With the explosion of information, businesses are now able to develop solutions and evaluate their performance after their deployment. The discipline of data science is becoming mainstream. But the discipline is still a relatively new one. This seminar will explore the thought leadership challenges that organizations must confront in the ever-expansive world of Big Data. It will also cover key topics such as how to develop an effective data driven strategy, machine learning, how to build a data science and analytics infrastructure within your organization, and how to measure the impact of your solutions.

Click here to secure your place and gain advance access to the study material.

Why should business and technology executives attend?

In a August 2016 Podcast entitled "How advanced analytics can drive productivity", McKinsey Senior Partner Bill Wiseman states:

"..probably the least appreciated, but the most rare and most important individual, is the person who links the business domain with the data science. Understanding what’s in the realm of the possible, what can be digested by the business, and, frankly, how to close the last mile between the insight that the data scientists are coming up with and the predictions they’re making, and how to go out and drive business impact with that. That’s a very rare individual."

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