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I don't have the time to create an online course right now - can I still join?

Do I have to pay any fees to host my courses on ConverseLink?

What course creation and support features can ConverseLink provide?

Can I import my existing course content / files?

How can I enhance the online learning experience?

What is the ideal duration of a course?

Are course assessments important?

Income Sharing and Fee Payments

How are courses priced?

How are fees from course sales divided?

How will I receive fees for course sales?

Will I receive statements showing fees from my course sales?

What fees will I receive through the Affiliate Marketing Program?


ConverseLink Affiliate Program

Who will ConverseLink market my courses to?

Next Steps

How do I become a course instructor or post any questions?

Any other value propositions for instructors?

Course Creation User Guide

Where can I find guidelines for creating a ConverseLink course?

How can I create a video for my course?

ConverseLink Discovery Executive Workshops

What are the benefits?