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Live, interactive training by some of the smartest minds in tech
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Technology is transforming businesses at an unprecedented rate, and continuous digital skills development is becoming a way of life for today's professional.

ConverseLink is a virtual instruction platform designed to provide our clients with access to world class expertise in real time, infusing each course with our unique business value chain methodology.

To help fill the ever-widening digital skills gap, our elite instructors create short, high impact practical learning experiences that instill key digital skills and drive knowledge retention. And all the while, we track market trends to ensure our course content is strategically aligned to the needs of the modern digital organization.


For Businesses:

Our instructors develop short, high impact virtual instruction programs that are practical, business-ready and focus on solving real world problems for your employees and partners. Our after-training support service enables learners to engage Instructors on a one-to-one basis and deep dive specific technology related challenges facing the organization.


For Higher Education Institutions:

We deliver high quality virtual training programs that augment existing curricula for business schools, universities and colleges, providing learners with vital practical problem solving skills in Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Blockchain, Cyber Security, Mobile, Web Application Design & Development, Agile, IoT, Business Analysis, Cloud, Nanotechnology, Robotics, 3D-Printing, and other disruptive technology categories.


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